January 3, 2013

A Brand New Year {Plus a little Intimidation}

Happy New Year!
  Did you ring in the new year with a bang?!
We were blessed to have several friends and family join us in 
a night of fun, food and games!
And we had a wonderful Christmas.  
My favorite part of Christmas got cancelled, the
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. 
Snow was the culprit, but that meant we were going to have a white Christmas. :) So, we had a little service of our own.  It was different, but memorable. My 4 yr. old niece started us out with Happy Birthday to Jesus followed by  On Top of Spaghetti, I thought it was perfect.
Then as we were reading Luke 2, somehow the iPad got flipped to Luke 1. 
I thought something didn't sound right... :)
Definitely not like our church service, but it will be one we will all remember!
Another wonderful memory this Christmas was seeing my nephew, his wife and their sweet daughter! They came up from North Carolina.
I just wanted to eat her up!
I loved all the time spent with family.
I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!

So, here we are 2013.
2012 just seemed to buzz right by.
I'm ready for what the new year will bring.
Well.... I think I'm ready....
Maybe not...
I'll take my mom's advice.
One day at a time! Yep, that will work!

I've been thinking about this lil ole blog of mine.
I'm kinda intimidated by some of these perfect mega bloggers, where they have all the time in the world, to do all the projects they desire and their houses look pristine and perfect. Ugh!  
Ok, I feel a little better I got that off my chest.
Because most of my counters and tables look like this..
I don't have a perfect house...
(and I'm sure they don't either)
Time is a factor too...I get pooped out and just want to gel.
I love doing projects around the house and I know I have a TON of them to do.
Sometimes, I know exactly what I want to do and charge ahead and do it.  But then, some projects... I get intimidated by them, I don't know what I want, and I question whether I'll like it or not.
Let me give you an example...
Here's the Pool Room.  See that big wall?  I have 3 of them I need to do something with.  I want to do a gallery wall, but I'm having the toughest time getting started on it.  I admit it.... I'm intimidated...
Another example...
I just finished putting Christmas away and this is what I'm left with.... 
Stark and boring.  I want to change the fireplace and paint.  
Here we removed two of the brown units.  They used to expand the entire wall, but we felt it was too dark and heavy in the room.  Now the empty shelves are floating over awkward space. 
All of this is intimidating and frustrating to me.
Hubs and I will probably go over this and over this for a month or
 so til we figure out what we want.
I've got a few ideas... we'll see.
Look, I'm not trying to be a downer...
I'm just trying to keep it real here.
I really can't wait to get going, I've just got to be patient. 
Plus we are working on another apartment and I'm substituting at the high school in the cafeteria right now.
Patience... not something I'm really good at. :)
That could be changing....
Thank you so much for reading...

Lori -thestonybrookhouse
Lori -thestonybrookhouse

I have been blogging for about 4 years and I enjoy sharing all the things that go on here at The Stonybrook House. From building to decorating, crafting and cooking, and so much more. I enjoy gardening and a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly I love The Lord Jesus my Savior and my wonderful hubby of 28 years!