Purse Makeover!

I am definitely back into the groove!
Now that I feel better, I'm motivated to finish 
and get moving on some projects!
I'm going to show you my Purse Makeover!

I started this project about 2 or more weeks ago. 
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Now for the Purse Makeover!
How I deconstructed and reconstructed this old purse.  
It's a cute purse, but no zipper at the top.  
I'm really into wristlets.  I've had trouble with my shoulders in the past, 
and purses were something I struggled with.
Now, I only use them occasionally. 
Plus, if I need a bigger purse, I usually just throw my wristlet in it.
It's so much easier to shop, or run into the grocery store with a wristlet.  
All I need are my cards, phone and Blistex and keys.
These are my essentials.
I cannot do with out my Blistex.  I probably have about 6 of them around the house, and one MUST be in my purse. Usually, I'll throw a lipstick in there too. I really really like to wear lipstick. :)
Ok... time to veer off this rabbit trail and back to the wristlet/purse. I'll probably refer to it as my purse here and there.
So, I took this thing apart with my seam ripper.
Then I guesstimated the size I wanted it to be and started working with the lining. I wanted to add credit card slots and keep the zippered pocket.
I have tons of fabric scraps and chose a lime green, just to be different.
Ironed the slots and sewed them up.
I have to say, I didn't take as many pics as I probably should have.  And lately my pics have been turning out awful...Ugh, sorry! Plus it doesn't help I'm sewing in the basement where there is terrible lighting, hence the flash pics. There are some awesome tutorials out there on how to make a purse, with great pics.
But this is a purse makeover! :)
Anyway, here is the lining.  I sewed in the slots and re-located the zippered pocket. Also, I attached the lining to the center zipper.
Then I cut the actual purse down to size to fit the lining, and attached it to the center zipper. Sorry, no pic. :/
Once that's done, then it's just a matter of sewing all of the edges.
I started at the top left and sewed all 3 sides, finishing at the top right.
Then I pulled the purse through the opening at the top.
Almost finished! 
I sew the lining closed at the top and push it back into the wristlet. 
Now for the strap. I wanted to use the handle from the purse. It just went well with it.  So, I took one of the rings off and reconnected it, like so.
I stitched this onto the side.  It was pretty thick, so I had to sew slowly, 
and I still broke a needle! Oh well.
That's it! 
Here's what the inside looks like.
I'm really pleased with how it came out!
I'm on this reconstruction kick!  
I've been pinning all sorts of things.
I want to try to make over some clothes.
But next on the agenda is that gallery wall, I promise!!  
I'm actually excited to get started on it!

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