Sunday Drive - Feeling Weak And Weary?

Sunday Drive - Feeling Weak And Weary?

Are you feeling weak and weary? Those feelings can be a reminder of our need for Jesus. Sometimes we try to do everything in our own strength. When in reality, we need His supernatural strength. That's where we discover our strength!

Isaiah 40:28-29 (NLT)
28 Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of His understanding. 29 He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.

We need to work smarter, not harder! Tapping into the presence of God gives us everything we need. He gives us the the strength and power to tackle life. It's not always going to be easy, but it certainly is easier than going it alone.

I love this next verse. As I slip into bed at night, I try to remember to thank The Lord for another day. I thank Him for the strength He gave me. I thank Him for my husband and for giving him strength. I love counting my blessings as I go to sleep. Thanking Jesus for my day reminds me of all that He's helped me through.

Psalms 59:16-17 (NLT)
16 But as for me, I will sing about your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress. 17 O my Strength, to you I sing praises, for you, O God, are my refuge, the God who shows me unfailing love.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by a task or situation, stop and think for a moment. Who has all resources at his finger tips? Who never gets tired? Who is never inadequate? Your God! He can handle every situation or task. He is living inside you and is with you at ALL times. He is the best resource!

Philippians 4:13 (NLT)
13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Does that mean that everything will go the way you want? No. Does it mean there will be no delays or detours? No. What it means is that He will be there to help you every step of the way and it will happen in His perfect timing.

Stay determined and trust that God knows exactly what He's doing. God will be everything you need at the exact moment you need. You never need to worry or wonder if He'll show up. You can trust that He will ALWAYS be there.

So, if you are feeling weak and weary.... remind yourself who you are in Christ, you are a son or daughter of The King! Remind yourself you are not alone. Remind yourself that He will bring you through. Trust in His Word.

Isaiah 46:4 (NLT)
4 I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.


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