How To Build A Microwave Shelf

How To Build A Microwave Shelf

This project was created out of frustration and necessity! It seemed every under cabinet microwave broke on us! And those babies aren't cheap! 

I also really don't like a bunch of stuff on my counters... especially microwaves! I love clear empty spaces! 💗 So this was the perfect solution! To see the full project in action, head on over to Building A Microwave Shelf.

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Here we share a post from our archives that we've spruced up and brought back out to show you. It's a great way to see some of the projects we've done in the past that you might have missed or forgot about.

A big thanks to Doreen from Hymns & Verses she collects all of our information and organizes it here for you.

Let's see what the team is sharing this week!

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