Laundry Room Transformed to Mudroom

Updated 9.29.22

Laundry Room Transformed to Mudroom

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This space we transformed has been one of the best things we've done!  Hubby and I love the way its so functional and efficient!

When we started renovating the laundry room, I knew that the laundry basket shelf would be the perfect spot for a little bench, hooks and some cubbies.

Laundry Basket Shelves

We don't need the shelves anymore, since we added the cabinets and shelf above our washer and dryer.  You can see that entire transformation here, Laundry Room Built-Ins and Makeover.

Laundry Area Makeover

So, the first thing I did was empty out all the "stuff" and paint as much as I thought was needed.

Mudroom Area Progress

Then take out those awful wire shelves....

In the process of figuring out this project, it made sense to start at the top, because the bench would just be in the way of the ladder.  It's already a very tight space!  Hubby drew where all the boards for the cubbies were going to go.

The 1x4s were put in to support the first shelf.

Mudroom Progress

When it comes to building interior projects, MDF works really well, as long as you aren't using it to support heavy weight. It's smooth, easy to cut and paint.  I used it to build up the kitchen cabinets, and also when we built up the cabinets here in the laundry room.  So, it made sense to use it here to build the cubbies.

Nailing Mudroom Cubbies

We pre-fit all the pieces and then I painted them before installation.

Love them!! One more board needed in the upper center...

Installing Cubbies

Then we moved to the bench area. Once the bench was inserted, it would be difficult to paint underneath.  So, it made sense to completely finish the part underneath the bench before moving on.

I started by installing 1x4's to frame out the area.

Bench Progress

Then I added beadboard, but placed it in horizontally like I did on the Farmhouse Mudroom Wall.

Farmhouse Mudroom Wall

Since I wasn't going to put in any sort of trim in the corners, it was important to line up all the "beads" so that they would flow at each corner. Then I just caulked it.

Bench Progress

Next, add the cove trim, fill all the holes, a little caulking, paint and it's done!  It's starting to look like something!! ❤️

Bench Progress

Now we can work on the bench!  We debated on whether to add that extra middle support. The piece of plywood was only 1/2" thick.  It was a little on the thin side... (Hey it was what we had in the garage... ) I felt better adding the extra support. 👍

A little piece of trim covered the raw edge, and then I stained it a rich brown color, Minwax Polyshades in Mission Oak  Doesn't this have beautiful wood grain?

Staining Bench

The bench turned out great!  And it's very sturdy! (This is a 'finished' photo, but it was the best one of the bench.) 👍

Bench finished

Once the bench was in place, it was time to finish the middle area.  Installing all of the 1x4's to frame the space and adding the horizontal beadboard.  Being sure to line up the 'beads' in the corners. 😊

Mudroom Progress

As you can see, I was working on cutting the coving to fill in the gap between the 1x4 and the beadboard.

When that was finished, I filled all the nail holes, caulked all the seams and painted it.  We used the Benjamin Moore color Simply White, mixed in Behr paint at Home Depot.

Isn't it looking good???!!!  One of the last steps was to trim out the cubbies in 1x2s.  That just gave it a nice finished look.

Mudroom Progress

It's completely done!  Don't the cubbies look great?  I knew Hubby and I were going to put our motorcycle helmets in the bottom two.  Then, I found these great baskets at Target for $24.99 and they fit perfect.  It will be great storage for scarves and hats during the winter.

Cubbies Finished

This little space was perfect for a bench where we could take off dirty or wet shoes.  Plus more hooks for coats and and such.  I love that there's a place for me to hang my purse, and Hubby to drop his backpack.  (But of course, I had to style the space for the blog! 😉)

Mudroom Area Complete

Loving it!!

Cubbies Finished

Mudroom Area Finished

I was able to order some hooks almost identical to the Mudroom Wall.  I just had to paint them black.

Mudroom Hooks

We are so pleased with this space! I just love how it flows and looks like it was meant to be there!

Laundry Area Transformed To Mudroom

Before and After... ❤️... You can Pin It for later!

Laundry Room Transformed To Mudroom

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