New Year - New Project! Master Bedroom Makeover Plan

Hi friends!!  2017 went by in a flash and here we are diving right into January 2018!  I've been dragging my feet writing up this post or any post for that matter... for a reason.... and a good one!

Master Bedroom Makeover

I was waiting for the ads to be removed from my blog. The spammy redirects have been sooo horrible! It made reading my blog so difficult and frustrating.  Definitely not what I want for all my favorite peeps!! But now they are gone... 😊 

Anyhoo.... I am SOOOOOO excited about this project!!! Hubby and I will be celebrating our 30 year wedding anniversary next month and I am HOPING to have our room done by then.... hoping... Well, mostly done will be good!  We have 2 apartments vacant and one more next month.... so, you know what that means... time away from working on projects. 

I'll do my best and we'll see how it goes.  Real life goes on here... along with dirty laundry, dishes in the sink and forgotten cups of coffee in the microwave. 😢

Here's what our bedroom looks like now.

Master Bedroom Before

It's a massive bedroom.

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Before

I want to build a little bench between the shelves, under the TV... I can just picture it!

Master Bedroom Before

In the past we used our two dressers together to hold the TV.  

Master Bedroom Before

I think it looks so much better hanging on the wall, flanked by the two shelves. Those shelves will be getting a little makeover too.

Bedroom Before

We just need to raise the TV.  Hubby and I feel it looks a bit awkward lining up with the top of the shelves.

It's amazing how much our style has changed!  We used to love the cozy dark furniture... but now it somehow feels depressing.... We want light and bright, airy and dreamy! 💕

I am determined to make this a beautiful but frugal makeover.  There will be a lot of DIY projects.

So, here's the plan:

Paint the bedroom
Paint all bedroom furniture (mostly white)
Curtains (plus I will raise curtain rods closer to the ceiling)
New lighting
Decor (of course)

We are planning to install shiplap behind the bed to make a feature wall. 

Shiplap feature area

It's going to be wide enough to incorporate the nightstands, something like this... but white.


Natalie at A Turtles Life For Me, just did this wall in her living room.  I love the way it turned out!

Then we are going to install swing arm lamps above the nightstands. The shiplap wall will hide all the wires. 👍

These are the lamps we actually already have. Ummm, I've had them in the basement for years!!! I just need to find new shades for them.

via Lowes

Painting all of the furniture white is going to be such a change... but a perfect one!  I'm thinking of the dressers and nightstands to look something like this...

white and gray nightstand

I love what Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors, did with her nightstands. It'll be work, but sooo worth it!

We have it all wired and ready to hang a chandelier above our bed. I just can't decide what direction to go in.


Or sparkly

Or just a simple black chandy.  Decisions, decisions....

via Lowes

I've been pinning away on Pinterest! There are sooo many ideas. If you want to see my inspiration, swing by my Pinterest Bedroom Board. 😍

For now I'll, just share a few more inspiration ideas...
I love the frames and candles.

Decor inspiration

These shelves just speak to me.... 

I couldn't find the source for this photo on Pinterest... boo.

This sign... 💕 I want to do our wedding date!

Decor inspiration
via Etsy

This might look nice above our bed.

Decor inspiration

But then... maybe this one.

Decor inspiration

Hopefully, you can see the direction I'm going in. I'm going to say it again...

I am soooo excited!!! 😍😍😍

Update! Here's a link to our finished Master Bedroom Makeover!


  1. I'm excited to see what you do this year! We moved into our house 2 years ago and I've not touched our master bedroom so anxious to see what ideas I may get from you!

    1. Hi Thanks!! I waited waaayyyy too long to do our bedroom! But better late than never! :) I can't wait for it to be finished!! :)


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