Easy DIY Moss Covered Balls

I don't know why I haven't made these sooner... They were so easy and cheap!
DIY Moss Covered Balls

So, I'm probably a little late to the game on these, but in any case, I'm going to show you how I made these

DIY Moss Covered Balls

I made them last week and should have shared them with your sooner. But for some reason, I just have not wanted to sit at the computer for any length of time... Probably, because my shoulder is starting to feel a little better and I'm enjoying "doing" things. 😊 So, I guess that is a good thing!

Anyway, these moss covered balls are super easy to make. You could use any ole styrofoam balls, but I had these "feather" balls lying around forever and have NEVER used them. If you use a styrofoam ball, I would suggest that you paint it green. That way you aren't fighting with the white showing through.

Then I grabbed my bag of Spanish moss, that I picked up at the Dollar Tree probably a decade ago and some good ole white school glue. You could pick all of these items up at the Dollar Store. This is a perfect inexpensive craft anyone can do!
Moss Covered Ball supplies
The reason I used plain white school glue, is because that's the kind of glue I had on hand. Plus it's winter/spring here (nice days can't be counted on) and I didn't want to spray aerosol adhesive in the house. I feel that's better used outside or in the garage.

I just love this glue. It works for so many things... How many of you remember rubbing it all over your fingers in grade school and then peeling it off.  I have a fetish for peeling... Ask my kids. Whenever they would get a sunburn, I would love to sit and peel their backs. I know it may gross some of you out. Oh, well.... 

Anyway, this really isn't hard. You just spread the glue on and smash the moss on.
Gluing moss onto balls
Here's a tip... I cut the moss up into small pieces. It's pretty stringy and it just seemed to work better when it was cut up. You can see it there on the paper above.

Here's a close up, I can already see how cute they are going to be!
Gluing moss onto balls
Like I said earlier, I wish I had made these years ago. I just can't stress how simple this is.

You just keep going around and around until you are satisfied that it's covered well enough. 
DIY Moss Covered Ball

Man, I love this!

DIY Moss Covered Ball

Don't you love the way they came out? 💕

DIY Moss Covered Balls on candlesticks

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Easy DIY Moss Covered Balls



  1. Nice! I love that you re-purposed something and made it simpler with glue you already had!

  2. Hi Gina! I love doing that... I'm all about using what you have! So glad you stopped by! :)


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