7 Week Shoulder Update & Yes To The Dress!

Hi Guys!!

No more sling
What 7 weeks??!! Yup! That's where we are at. THANK YOU, LORD! As I've complained over and over again... the longest 7 weeks of my life! BUT...

It's getting better and better! I am actually typing with both hands right now! Yay, me! It's still pretty awkward, but this is progress people!

As you can see from the pic above, I am OUT OF MY SLING! YESSSS!!! (I don't know if you can tell my excitement if I don't CAP every other word or add several exclamation points to every detail...) 😉

I got a terrific report from my Dr. and was actually pretty shocked when he said that I didn't have to wear the sling at all. I was like "really??" He said, "Nope, just wean yourself off it." Well, I told him I was going to have a burn party! Burn that sling and thing in the fireplace! Well, that hasn't happened...yet.

I still wear the sling at times... where I'm nervous someone might bump me or kids running around. But otherwise at home, I hardly ever wear it. 😊

It is still weird.... my shoulder doesn't feel like it's put on backwards as much as it just feels like it's hanging... but it's much much better than it was! I'll be starting more strength training very soon! In fact my therapist told me this morning, that by the end of March I should be starting to feel more "normal". 👍

My therapist told me to start trying to put my hands on my hips...😂😂😂

Yeah, right! Ha ha! Can you see the struggle?? I have to kind of lower my right hip, then "pop" it up.

hands on my hips

Hubby took some shots of me attempting to get some hip action going... He just laughed at me! 😂  I did it, though!!

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I drove down to see our daughter... she's getting married in September.

Hubby was a trooper, he caught a nasty cold, but drove me down anyway.  Isn't he the best??!! 😍  He just took it easy and played with the puppy while...

playing with the puppy

We went wedding dress shopping!!! 💕

All of her bridesmaids were there and we had such a great time! 

Bridal Party

Of course, I'd LOVE to show you her gorgeous dress, but I can't do that!! But I can tell you it fit her perfectly, like it was made for her. She looked amazing and felt like a beautiful princess in it! Yes, I cried, she cried, heck we all wiped our eyes... She was and is so beautiful! My baby girl is all grown up... I felt so incredibly blessed to be a part of that day. 

My baby girl

I began to reflect on the years gone past... Dedicating my sweet baby girl to The Lord, and promising to raise her in the ways of The Lord. I am so very blessed. The years went by so fast...preschool, ballet classes, middle school, proms, driver's test, graduation, college... another graduation... and now she's getting married. I'm so thankful that I was able to be a stay at home mom. I have so many memories to cherish. Oh, I can tell, this is going to be a nostalgic year...and probably more tears than I will admit to.

But that's life, that's what's supposed to happen. Our children grow up and live their own lives. Hubby & I did the best we knew how raising them. As any parent knows, there is a lot of ups and downs. We did a lot of praying. Now we have two strong, self-supporting, intelligent children that are out there making their way in the world. My prayer is that they put Christ first, above all else. He is our strength and shelter. He is the one that gets us through. I pray that the world will see Jesus in their lives and in mine as well.

As a side note, if you are wedding dress shopping in Lynchburg, VA...I just have to say that Ashley Grace Bridal was amazing! The facilities there were spectacular and they make each bride feel like a princess. The dresses were gorgeous and very reasonable. It was a beautiful experience.

I'm going to leave you with a stunning shot from my daughter's engagement photo shoot! Love is in the air... What a fun year this is going to be!! 😍

engagement photo



  1. Lovely mother-daughter photos! Congrats on your shoulder progress and on being by your daughter's side as she goes through this next big life transition. Let the tears flow happily! Sounds like you've done an amazing job at parenting with the Lord's help!

    1. Thanks, Julie! It's amazing how fast it's all gone by... You just made me smile! Have a great day!


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