DIY Headboard Fiasco....

Well, I promised I was going to post this...

I'm glad it turned out great in the end and that my daughter liked it.

If you want to see her Bedroom Makeover check it out HERE! 

It really came out awesome!! First, I built the headboard frame.
DIY Headboard Construction
I was pretty much on my own for this part. We purchased a sheet of plywood and had them cut it down to size. Then I cut the 1x1's.  (All by myself!)

I should have taken a picture, but of course that's hindsight! Ugh! Oh well, I kinda made a frame to give the plywood support. Then I glued and screwed them in.

Next, we added padding to the plywood. At first, it was just 2 layers of batting. Well, we quickly decided that was not enough padding. A quick run to Wally World and I picked up some foam. That definitely made a difference.

Then we stapled that all onto the plywood.
Stapling batting to DIY Headboard
It sure was a gorgeous day in Pennsylvania. :)

Ok... It's all going well so far, don't you think?

Now to get this thing on the wall...

It would have been a double fiasco if I had done it. Thank goodness, Hubby to the rescue! He's the one that has the patience to figure the numbers.
Dad measuring to attach headboard to wall
Basically he put 4 1x1's vertically on the wall to hold the headboard and give it support.  Then he screwed the headboard into the supports.  Of course, again, I didn't take pictures of that part... Duh!!! But it worked out awesome!!

Here's a cute picture of my baby girl watching her Dad work on the wall. Can you find her in all the mess of her room?
Can you find Morgan?
In the meantime, she kept busy working on the cover for it.
Painting chevrons on a sheet
She did such a fabulous job taping out the chevron and painting it.

And yes, there is something underneath the sheet. I'm so glad that we have such a huge open space in our kitchen/dining area.

The yellow is the same paint we used for her bathroom.
Morgan's Bathroom After
She wanted to tie it all together.
Didn't it come out great?
Chevron Complete
Then we stapled it on to the headboard frame.
Stapling Chevron fabric to headboard
I know... Not much of a fiasco yet. Just wait...Wait for it....
Chevron Headboard Complete
Uhhh, yeah... Ugly...

We put it up and we both looked at each other... Are you kidding? All that work and it looks like THAT?

Wrinkly, cheap, tacky...Not the look we were going for. Here's another angle...
Chevron Headboard Complete
The paint looks weird. Granted we used wall paint, but yuck! This is NOT working at ALL! We jumped in the Jeep and headed into town.
Two choices to get fabric, Hobby Lobby or Jo Ann's. We found the fabric! Hallelujah! We came home and stapled it on. Soooo much better!
New DIY Headboard

I can't believe how much better it looks. I'm not one to throw things out, so we had to use the chevron sheet somewhere.

Do you remember seeing the bulletin boards from her room?
Bedroom Makeover With Accent Wall
Here's a closer picture.
DIY Bulletin Boards
Yep, we bought some craft paint to match the room and she painted in between the chevrons. I think those make the room. It's like wall art! :)

So, there you have it. It was lot's of work and we were pretty frustrated, but it came out amazing! She's happy, that's what matters!

Thanks for reading!
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