May 24, 2017

Back of Bookshelves... Not What I Planned

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What a crazy week, last week was... Crazy but exciting because my daughter and her fiancé came to visit. I miss them so much! So between cleaning and finishing up some projects there was ZERO time to sit at the computer and push out a post... That's life sometimes.

Anyways, here I am, with an update on those bookshelves. This is where I left you last time. Empty bookshelves and...
Den Bookshelves

May 12, 2017

One Thing Leads To Another... Books To Painting?

So... Have you ever had one small project that you think will be quick and done that lead to another and so on.... and then it seems you have a project going on that you never dreamed you'd be doing...yeah, that's kind of what happened...

I've shared about how I'm slowly (but surely) going through the KonMari Method of tidying up.  Let me tell you, it's going slower than I thought. You can check out my earlier posts, the one for Clothing and the one for Books. The 'books' one is what got me into all of this 'mess'. Yes, we went through all our books, which is great! I just didn't imagine all of this going on. So, here's how we got into this project.

We emptied out the three large 8 ft. bookcases. Yay! 😊 We were left with this...

May 9, 2017